Along with the traditional annual feasts/festivals for public and religious holidays (Christmas and new year fair, fancy carnival, Holy week, Sailor Ball of Jezera, the anniversary of the restoration of the St. Nicholas Church, Corpus Christi, Nativity of the Virgin Mary) during the summer months they organize Jezera's Days of the Sea. This manifestation starts in the middle of July and lasts until the beginning of September. It offers a number of cultural, entertainment and sports events, including: Jezera Fridays «How our ancestors lived and celebrated», «Jezera's fishing feast/festival», «an evening of food from Jezera», «Fig feast/festival», folklore evenings as well as an event for dialectal poetry («The dance in our bay», «Good sea, grandpa»...)

Due to the activity of the Croatian National Tourist Board, a blue flower for the best-kept (maintained) place was given to Jezera in 2002, and 2003. In 2005, they received second place, in 2006 – they received third place and in 2004 they received first place. Every year the ACI Marina in Jezera receives an international blue flag for environmental preservation.

Jezera, due to it being a pleasant holiday destination with preserved nature, cultural heritage, authentic and friendly atmosphere gets visited by 24 000 guests a year which amounts to around 220,000 overnight stays – making Jezera a hidden pearl of the Adriatic.


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